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For your turbocompressor components

TurboNLD adheres to the procedures and regulations as summarised in ISO 9001: 2008 – your guaranty for the highest quality in replacement components. All components are purchased from ISO-certified businesses which supply components for all known turbocharger manufacturers.

We also offer refurbished components with a one-year warranty. Whatever your choice, you are guaranteed fully compatible parts which meet all of your quality requirements.

Turbocharger parts and components

fair and clear advice

Independent refurbishment of turbocompressor

Turbo maintenance extends lifespan

As an independent refurbishment firm for turbochargers, you are ensured fair and clear advice. We refurbish all makes and models of turbos. Each turbo manufacturer has its own brand-specific features requiring our extensive expertise. Training is provided internally and externally so that our technicians can conduct the correct measures for your turbo.

Our workshop is outfitted with all modern equipment required for operations. All replacement components are attained from World Class Manufacturers to guarantee equal quality to the original damaged or worn component.

Turbo maintenance
extends lifespan

Good maintenance of a turbo extends operating life. This also prevents damage to components and malfunction of the turbo. If you are interested in hearing about how we can assist you, we invite you to contact us personally for more information. In addition to excellent service and high-quality materials, we also offer competitive pricing thanks to our efficient operational management. Allow us to demonstrate our qualities - we won’t let you down!

Flexible company

24/7 accessibility

TurboNLD is a flexible company. We believe that flexibility is essential for good communication with our clients. All of our clients are provided with the mobile number of our General Manager Eric Erkens. You may contact him 365 days per year, day and night. When the situation requires direct action, such as a turbocharger malfunction, we do our best to restore the situation as soon as possible.

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We are specialised in the worldwide maintenance and repair of turbos. We incorporate original components to guarantee a high level of quality.

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