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We have an experienced team

Excellent repair
and maintenance
of your turbo

The maintenance and repair of turbochargers demands thorough knowledge. In recent years, the Rotterdam area has had a shortage of companies with the right in-house expertise. TurboNLD fills this market gap with an experienced team familiar with the ins and outs of the industry.

Each technician has an excess of 20 years’ experience and maintains up-to-date market knowledge with regular training to keep informed of the newest developments. They hold the necessary certification to restore and maintain the optimum condition of your turbo.

We have an experienced team, excellent repair and maintenance of your turbo

We guarantee

High-quality components for your turbo

We are specialised in the overhaul of all makes and models of turbochargers. We incorporate original components to guarantee a high level of quality. We are confident in the reliability of these components which is why you receive a 1-year unconditional warranty for the correct function of the components.

We respond quickly

Direct contact with the General Manager and quick response

Our firm is approachable and responds quickly to your inquiries concerning the maintenance or repair of your turbo. You won’t reach an answering machine but rather our General Manager directly. This ensures short lines of contact and a single point of contact provides clear communication. Our extensive partner network enables us to service turbos worldwide. These partners operate according to the same quality standards that we uphold.

Direct contact with the General Manager and quick response

Available 24/7

For questions concerning your turbocompressor

We always offer prompt overhaul and assistance and are available to you 24/7. We strive for perfection in all that we do. There are many makes and models of turbos, each with their own features. Performance is partly determined by good maintenance as these turbos are often required to operate continuously.

In the event of wear, optimum performance can no longer be achieved. We will then replace the component with a new part of equal quality.

A defective turbocompressor can interrupt the progress of a process. Immediate repair is then required. We ensure that a technician is on scene as soon as possible to resolve your issue.


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Are you looking for a company with extensive experience and a high level of expertise? Look no further – you’ve already found TurboNLD. A proven team committed to the field of turbos. Try us, you won’t be disappointed!
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We are specialised in the worldwide maintenance and repair of turbos. We incorporate original components to guarantee a high level of quality.

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